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Pretty good!

Pretty good overall, though there could be more modes than wiesswurst and blutwurst and smoked.

Great amazing good

This game is good when u know how to play but it’s kind of boring after a good 15min but its good


That’s it crap

Run SAUSAGE run!

It’s great!

App is starting to crash

So I’ve downloaded this game some time ago and it’s really enjoyable and addicting to play, but the trouble is that it’s starting to crash now and ads pop up but when I close them to get back to my game the screen just turns black and there was also a time when the app unexpectedly took me to safari a few times .


to many adds

Sausage run

I love sausage run! I told everyone I new that to download this game!


I love it and it’s soooo addicting

The best

It istmo cool and my daughter wont stop plaing

Fun for all ages

I like love this game it is so fun even my grandma wants to play it with me -Sally

Hot Diggioty Dog!!

Wow! This game is surprisingly fun! I like the characters and the adds are reasonable. 1 flaw… the characters cost to much and you don’t get a lot of coins. But that is not the reason you should not get this game!!!! Love ❤️ 🧡💛💚💙💜 it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best game ever

This game is so indicting and I downloaded the like I think 30 minutes ago and I always try to beat my highest score which is 672. It's really fun and really entertaining. The people who play this game I am sure that they would never delete it. It's the best game in the world it's so awesome that I can play it 24/7. There is no problem with this game I would give it a 5/5.

Best game ever

You producers should make more games I would get them all


It is a game

New things to add to the game

I love this game but I think the game should have better characters and better obstacles.


This game is so addicting and fun i recommend this game to others...I also have some suggestions i think y’all should add a phone character and condiments(ketchup and mustard) this is amazing and well earned 5 stars but you should add some more sausage types

Very fun game

Very fun game


Wht a nice game 😹

5 stars

I just downloaded this game and I been play for a very long time like for an hour thanks for making this game

Best Game

Never thought I would enjoy such a violent but yet fun game

Good to have

Not a bad game. It will help you when bored n keep you entertained

Love this addicting game

It’s sooo addicting, the challenges are fun. The only thing I would change is adding levels or more obstacles because after a while it gets kind of boring but other than that it is super fun 🙂

Just awesome

This is the craziest, most fun game I’ve ever played in my life🤩#awesome


I so love this game!

I love it

I love it because it’s funny and ya ✌️


It’s so fun! You can just keep playing and playing. It’s perfect for when your just bored and want something to do. Also... it’s freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Ad overkill

You can’t go two runs without getting a minute long advertisement. Also, when you die and want to continue, you watch another minute-long ad, then die, then watch another 30-second ad. Good game though.

Best game ever

So addictive, I can’t stop playing


I Live For This Game

Run Sausage Run

Run Sausage Run is an awesome game and I think the creators should definitely make levels!


Can't review too busy playing run sausage run

Very addictive!!

Love this game and can’t stop playing it! Always trying to beat my high score and buy all the characters.

Gave me the most interesting add ever

So I open the app and it gives me an add for some other mobile game, I wait about two seconds and then a porn add plays. Oral sex and everything.

I love this game!:)

This game is soo good. My son and I love it. Not too many adds. Awesome!:)

Scam pop up when app opened

Opened app and clicked icon to get daily coins and pop up warning of 7 viruses on Apple iPhone appeared in safari webpage that opened up.

Life changing

This game has changed everything. I now view the world in a different way. A better way. Thank the lords (even though I’m an athiest) for this game. Sausages cannot die. Save em all

Amazing & Addictive

This game is all I’ve played all day! It’s amazing. It’s so addictive, that I can’t stop playing it! I love this app!


I hate this piece of crap

This game was great

It keeps me busy in the car on trips

iPhone 10 Compatible!

Why dont you make it compatible with iPhone 10?!!

Great game

The game was great just the running and using actual kitchen products is very clever

Love this game!

This game is so addictive! I can’t stop playing it. It’s also very cute. I love winning new characters! Great game.

Lol not a good game

I wouldn’t waste my memory on a game that’s NOT fun , but pointless. You can’t even past one obstacle without PURE luck. And one major tip, take off ads . Your trying to make money off a game that took NO EFFORT what’s so ever.


I would’ve deleted it if it weren’t for the unicorn at the end



Need improvement

Good game but need a lot of improvements like:jump and slide and more power ups etc

Good but....

This and fun and great high score is 309

Cash Grab

This is yet another game where you have to pay to remove ads just to enjoy it. Along with that this game is not good. You basically just collect coins to unlock new skins, that’s really it. The skins do nothing (except the 2 upgrades) and take hours to get. But the reason this game is bad is because it basically dictates how far you are going to get in each of your runs. I did some tests and I consistently died in the same certain areas by the same obstacles. (I do not know the official names) Try it, if you just keep running, (with the fast upgrade) you will die by the fire obstacle almost every time at 8, 21, 28, or 29. You can also sometimes die by the hammer or spinning cleavers. But other then that you also consistently die by the moving knife after getting the growing debuff; you randomly, at anytime completely out of your control, die by the spinning saw; after getting the bun shield buff you instantly lose it consistently (not to mention the glitches with it, where you lose it anyway just by touching obstacles you already dodged); etc. This game was just absolutely frustrating and I could never get past 249 for hours, because of the constant randomness factor the game has. It was also a rarity to even get past 150, the game just nonstop killed me in ways I could not control. Luck based games with this concept are not enjoyable. I thought this would be the new Jetpack Joyride, but it ended up being a game that took my money, gave me ads anyway, because you need to watch 30 to unlock 2 characters, and ultimately was an unenjoyable experience. This game is just a fancy format to run ads and take your money, a cash grab if you will. That’s all I have to say about it, if you have a brain, you will just play this for a few hours and either forget about it or uninstall it because it really is not worth your time.


Wow. All I can say is just... wow. This game is the. Best. Game. Of. Nothing. EVER!!! Literally all it is is u running as a sausage through a kitchen of razors and knives, trying not to get burned, sliced, or diced. It’s so simple and easy, but somehow it just mesmerizes u. The one thing I absolutely cant STAND is the enlarge thingy u can collect. It doesn’t help u do anything at all but get killed!!!! I run into a field of razors and knives, and then I die because I hit the stupid enlarge spell. UGH!!! It’s rly getting on my nerves. But overall, this game is the best!!!!! Keep up the good work 😄👌👍👍👏👏👏


Good game !!!!

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