Run Sausage Run! App Reviews

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I love this game so much

Only have 1 thing to say about this app

The only thing I have to say about this app is it is awsome!!!!!


I am annoyed that ads come out of nowhere, even while I’m doing a game. I can’t exit the ads before it finish it causing me to have to wait the entire ad. Overall the game is fun just want you to do something about it.

Fun and Addictive!

Love this game! Silly and fun!

Issues 4 me

I can’t even get past the shoe and the fires... I’m ashamed of my life now...

I love the game but...

I’m try to listen to my music on a app called Musi but adds keep popping up and it stops it so I wish that they can stop putting it but they can put ads every once in while but not every time u die or something

Really good game but I have some questions

So I’ve been playing this game for a while now, and I really enjoyed it, but ever since the update, I’ve found the game harder and not as fun. Although it is basically the same obstacles, I like the old version a lot more. Is there any way you can make an option to switch between modes? Thanks!

It’s Great!

Sausage run is a great game. But it can get boring some time. But I do love it!

Fun fun fun!!!!!

This is my 2nd fav game sorry but fortnite is a little better

It’s amazing

I just got this app and think it’s very entertaining and I just love it! It’s amazing!

This game is amazing!!!!!!!!

I downloaded this game just the other day and it is already so fun cool and addictive. I totally recommend you get this game!!!!!

Too many adds!

Still fun but TOO MANY ADDS

This is the new best thing!!!!!

For now on this is my go to app!!!!! I love this game because 1 off all the sausages are so funny.2 of all it’s just so addicting.And it’s just sooo much fun to play!!!Sometimes I wonder if that the sausages actually dies.but this game is awesome!!!!


I hate this game!!! People only like it because it is addictive, but after 5 minutes, I deleted it. It has so many ads, and these challenges that are impossible unless you buy stuff. Coins are SUPER HARD TO GET, and I hope this gam3 has a downfall.


I can not get past that dang cat!!


This game is amazing! I really enjoy the graphics and characters. The only problem I have ran into with this game is, it can be laggy sometimes. Usually all games have this problem, so I don’t mind. Over all, this is a great game.

Addictive but Adds are super annoying

I love the game, all the way through and I can’t stop playing it. Yet the adds are sooooooo annoying if anyone could stop that the game would have 5 stars!

Fun game with great customer service

I accidentally tapped on an ad for the starter pack. One thing lead to another and I accidentally bought it. While this gams is fun, I wasn’t interested in paying money for extras. Luckily, thanks to customer service, I was able to be refunded. More importantly though, this game is fun.

ads everywhere

unskippable 30 second ads everywhere

Run Sausage Run

I think this game is so fun and it is very cool

There’s no choice

Hi this comment should be read because I know something that happens and I play this game and never get any coins do you know why sometimes the first obsicale you walk under it but it was one that was activated above you nothing would work not even running


This game is super fun because: 1) it is challenging. 2) it is fun. 3) there are always new skins to get. Sausage Run ROCKS!!! and I think you should get it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun game

Fun game to play with


Some people can hack your game using an app called “lucky pachers it is used to hack games my friend did it so maybe you can go and change something’s in the app to stop people from hacking it

Very good

I like it but the thing is I don’t like the one in the background


This game is really addicting I love it. The ads are no big deal accept some are kinda weird. I love the characters that they have. They are very creative and funny. I really recommend this app it’s such a time killer great for rode trips. Please download it, this is no ripoff. 👍👍

Loves it

Omg such a fun and cute game

Too many adds

This game was fun at first too play but then the adds became to unbearable while I’m play an add would pop up and I couldn’t even skip it and every time I die another add would pop up that I can’t even skip

how to choose map??

hi there!! i’m a huge fan of the game but i have just one question! i’m trying to unlock some achievements- such as dying by the cat 5 games in a row, although i’m not sure how this is possible because i’ve never been able to get my map to stay on the outdoor map for more than 3 games in a row :( is there any way to choose a certain map and keep it at that one?? thanks.

Great Game 😍😍🤣😂😍🤩🤗👍🏻👍🏻

I downloaded this game two days ago and it’s so addictive. ITS HILARIOUS!! All I have to say is...”You, yes you the person staring at their phone/iPad, you should get this game and if you do you will love it 😍. “ BY: Rayne714 PS: If you read this review all the way through and didn’t give up half way through it. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING MY REVIEW! 👏🏻🙌🏻😁🤪😜


This game is sooo cute!Ok,sorry for the girly introduction,but it’s true!And I love how the characters are so adorable and there are well-known characters on there as well. But the reason I’m rating this 4 stars is because all you do is run while dodging obstacles,it’s fun at the moment,but I’m worried later on I’ll want to delete it cause it gets boring.And right now,I don’t want that,so I suggest putting like,a multiplayer thing,and different minigames,and you could have friends and inv them to multiplayer matches or whatever.And of course there would be a single-player mode (the thing you do every time you play),so that’d be cool if it was multiplayer (Just a cool idea that I think you should REALLY put in the game). But other than that,this game is so cute,and entertaining,and amazing.I love what you’re doing with this,and I’m surprised this game isn’t at least a little popular.If it already is,then I’m missing out on the trends.This game’s awesome,but please think about my idea,or at least add another way of playing the game ;b







Ads ugh

Too many ads other than that good game

Game Delay

The game as gotten very delayed in the new update and needs to be fixed


This game is really fun and addicting. I love all the skins and I played this for a whole hour one time. I really like this game and you should do more games like this. 😊




I love this game it’s so fun I have so much fun playing it

I think it is a good game

This game it is fun but can get boring at times and the challenges take forever!🙄but over all I give it a 4

To many ads

There are way too many ads.

The ads ruin it but fun

The ads ruin it. I mean after every gameplay, there is an ad!!! But overall the game is pretty good.

Fun if you can play.

As said, way too many ads. Some are fine, but i get them after every run. And they are all 30 seconds. Even if I die in 10 seconds. Not worth the aggravation for a time waster type game.

Sausage run

I love it but please put more girl characters In it and it will be better I promise you that if you put more girl characters in sausage run you will have more players and more players = more money from Armoni 👍🏾❤️😘😍

Sausage Run

I’m basically addicted to it so if you want to be addicted to something then I suggest you get the game. Ps I love all the sausages.

The best game

I like it because the hot dog is running around the different plays And the second is fun for ever one to plays 😆😆😆😆😆

It’s my favorite game

It is a game with lots of different obstacles to pass and it IS fun but a little challenging and it is still my favorite app on my iPad it is also a little violent

Sausage run

This game is awesome I wanna recommend this to all of you😎

Sausage run

It is so cool,my favorite part of the game is when the sausage dies by getting stepped by a shoe. Thank you very very much.


Best game on iOS 👍🏻👍🏻

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