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The game

I love it 😍 the game is sooooooo fun when you play it once you don’t wanna stop 🛑 and it not to hard but not to easy

Venom Sausage

We All Know The Venom 2018 Movie Is Coming So... I would like you to make a venom sausage! But Is A Very Cool Game! Ps.~The Best Player

This game is awesome

I love this game it is super Entertaining.

5 stars, highly recommended!!

I tend to avoid writing reviews, but this game is very interesting. I like this game because it’s a challenge for me and it’s easy to understand. Also, in other games you would feel forced to buy more coins or “energy”, but this game doesn’t do that, you just press play and you start the game. After that, you can collect coins during your run, then once you die, you can use your coins to buy different characters. However , if it’s too hard to collect coins, you can complete tasks to get more characters. Lastly, I highly recommend downloading this app, it is entertaining and very amusing.

It’s a good concept

I do think it’s a fun game and a great idea. However I get through one obstacle and when the next one pops up I can’t slow the sausage anymore than the walk and I get torn up because the obstacle doesn’t get up fast enough. I am referring to the windmills and the meat hammer and anything else that touches the ground. It doesn’t even give me an opportunity to get through the next obstacle at certain points. But like I said it’s a great idea but needs improvements.

Game is good but the ads are too much

This game is addictive and great. The ads come up after every turn and sometimes after you start again. They make it disappointing.


I only got this game because of the little weenie scream. #hungry

This game rocks

This game is so fun at first it’s tricky but once you get in it it is fun you should get it💕👌🏼

It’s soo good I’m addicted!

I can’t stop playing!!! It’s so fun, so many characters too. I just can’t stop!

It’s ok ok 👍

Its just boring

Fun time passer

Good game. Hate the ads but put up with them to pass time. Anyone that asks me what I’m doing while I’m playing I can say with a straight face “ I’m playing with my wiener”!!! Lol

The best game ever!!!!!

I’m am so glad I downloaded it I love it so much❣️❣️❣️❣️💗💖💝💘😍😍😍😍😘😍😘😍😘😘😍😘😘😍😘😘😍😘😍😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️💙💜💜💙❤️💙💜❤️💙💜❤️💙💜 I do think it could do with bit of upgrading

Like it

I just wish there was a way to stop him.

Sausage Run

i can’t get enough of it lol

Too many ads

Fun game. Removing because of too many ads.


I haven’t had a game more fun I remember when I was like 8i would always look for apps to play and none of them weren’t really fun so thank you for the fun and interesting game🤗


Love it and the characters 💕


i love this game so addictive

Game changer

It’s so cute and fun I’m addicted😁😁🙂🙂

Fun but too many ads

Very fun but way too many ads. I understand ads are necessary for a game to be free but the amount on this game is just annoying.

Amazing and epic

I love sausage run because it just tells a story of a sausage it’s also some what kid friendly but I give it a 5 out of 5

Great! 🙂

I like this game a lot but a few suggestions, Add a no blood mode because I don’t really like the blood. I want to be able to choose what background I want, outside, inside, also with that add more backgrounds, add more obstacles too!!!😁.The graphics need to be less boring (more clear). I really like the concept of a sausage running and bending to get away from obstacles. I really like the feeling of when your getting a high score and then an obstacle comes from out of nowhere and you try to avoid it and you end up with a new high score! I like the swinging obstacles that you don’t see till the last second and die and you think that that was so fun. Thanks


So fun

What is da y

What is da y idk


It’s ok but it sometimes gets annoying


It’s a pretty addicting game even though I’m not the best my main goal: Unlock the Black Puma. P.S. Hopefully you have more games like this in the future!


I think this game is really violent. It has blood and should be rated R.

S run

This game is so fun I cant stop playing. 😍😍😍

Saucege run

Entreteining smart and difficult game

Attention grabber

I really enjoy this game but the ads are highly irritating

Perfect 👌🏼👍🏼

I recently downloaded this game and it is so fun! It is the perfect amounts of addicting, fun, and challenging. I could play this game all day. This game is pretty easy to learn. There is no need for tutorials. All you have to do is avoid the obstacles and get power ups to help you go farther! I love this game and I recommend getting it! 🌭👍🏼

Very addicting

Very addictive but I’m not the best at it yet but it’s super fun!

Virgin sausage thoughts

Hey I’m not a typical game player and I literally just subscribed to this app. Prior to this I only played Bowmasters, but each time I saw the add while playing bowmasters it made me chuckle and wonder, “what kind of guys are sitting around coming up with a game like this?” And then I thought, why not try them out, at least reward such humorous creativity by signing right up! And, it’s a clean game, nothing vulgar, no political correctness, just something to allow you a few minutes of relief from the responsibilities of being a dad and all the life obligations. However, one quick question—- can a person somehow get the sausage to stop, pause, slow or otherwise improve the timing and movement of the sausage?? Otherwise, I want to state that the game appears to be as great. And I want to offer a big thanks to the oddballs sitting around thinking up this one— it really gives me a laugh and allows me to complete mental relaxation when I play. Ⓜ️

Sooooo fun plz read

So when I first saw the game cover I thought it would be something for adults but it is a super fun and easy game I would love ❤️ to see more games just like this one it is a get time occupier I never thought that I would be writing a review for this because I am VERY picky about games and I never write reviews but this game is so fun and so surprising I could not help it.i encourage people to play this game.also I would like a developer response on any thing new plz.

The best

So fun I love it!!!!❤️❤️❤️

I love this app!

👁💖 this🅰️PP it's so much fun you can choose if you wanna buy something ! It's soo much fun ! Thank you so much for making it!!!!!!

True review

I would really love this game if u could actually play it but there are so many ads and I mean soooooooo many ads that it takes away from it’s enjoyment a real disappointment so I give it 1 star but if there weren’t so many ads I would have definitely given it 5 I do understand that u need ads for payment since it’s a free game and all but these developers really have to draw the line somewhere u can’t even play this game for 30 seconds to a minute without some ad popping up and holding u hostage for over 30 seconds

Funny game

This game is awesome it’s funny and it’s fun thank you so much for creating this game

Keep it up love the game

Very very very very good game


This is the best game ever! I downloaded it before a 12 hour ride trip, and I basically played it the whole time.


This game is amazing l. Love it! Can’t stop playing it

Another ad based game.

Could be fun if there weren’t ads every time I die. Whether I score 10 or 500 it’s a 30 second ad. Stop with the full video ads.




Make an xxxtentacion game please that ms every ones favorite person but unfortunately he died June 18 2018 his birthday 🎁 is 2 days before mine

Some things

This game is so addictive I could play it all day and I am an adult but I am just that personally I don’t care but my cousin says that she wishes there was less ads and I am sure more people would wish there are less ads to. Now I would also personally wish that there Michael Phelps as one of the skins cause of course he is the best in my opinion. Thx hope to see these changes thx!

This is awesome😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

I love this game it is much fun i don’t even know what to say It is awesome!!!!!!

Fun app

This app was very fun. My brother first showed this to me and I recently figured out what this all is, and I love it!

Sausage Run

I love how there are a lot of different levels and skins you can choose from this game gets a 4 star from me

I love it

This game is really fun there's not a lot of ads and is easy to get characters I suggest anyone that likes sausage should play this game

Inappropriate ads

This is a great little game but the amount of ads is so annoying. On top of that I can’t let my son play alone because some of the ads are highly inappropriate with guns killing zombies etc.

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